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Celebrating 7 Years of Classic Driving Club!


Dear Classic Drivers,

As we approach another significant milestone in the history of our club since its establishment on the 10th of April, 2017, we pause to reflect on the incredible journey we've undertaken together.

The unwavering support from our vibrant community, dedicated members, esteemed affiliate organizations, FIVA, generous sponsors, and well-wishers has propelled us forward on a path of progress and inclusivity. This collective support has fortified the foundation of our club, promising continued growth and success with each passing year.

In celebration of our 7th anniversary, we are excited to announce the Classic Driving Club's 7th Birthday Celebratory Dinner. Scheduled for Saturday, the 13th of April, this exclusive event will take place at the prestigious Saturday Club. It offers an evening of camaraderie and celebration, open to members and their guests.

Let us come together to raise a toast to seven years of cherished memories, shared passions, and the enduring spirit of classic motoring.

for the joy of motoring!

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