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Jan-21 Classic Drivers Club is officially registered as a Trust

Feb-21 New Year meet & drive

Feb-21 CDC partners with Automobile Association of Eastern India (AAEI) for their
Vintage & Classic Car & Bike Rally 2021

Mar-21 CDC presents the Partho Nath Tagore memorial trophy at AAEI
CDC launches 'Spokes 21', a series of webinars with luminaries in the historic vehicle
world to interact on their specialisation with both CDC members & members from other clubs

Apr-21 CDC's 4th birthday drive & celebration
CDC parters with 42 other historic vehcile clubs & institutions to 'Save India's Autootive Heritage' &
takes a leading role in an Online petition to the Govt. of India which garnered more than 10000
signatures, ultimately leading to India's first legal legislation to create a framework for historic vehciles
and steps to preserve them

Nov-21 CDC holds a display to mark World Heritage Week


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